ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 environmental management systems (EMS) is an internationally recognized standard.

Environmental credibility in the business world is a very important factor in national and international competitiveness. Over the last five years we have seen a surge in companies making big strides to improve their environmental processes and lower their carbon footprint.

This international standard is applicable to any organization, regardless of its size or sector. It can help support environmental objectives to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce waste and to use more sustainable resources. Analyzing the efficiencies of all these elements can result in cost savings across the business, as well as opening up new business opportunities.

Implementing effective recycling and waste reduction initiatives and using sustainable resources not only helps the environment, but can also improve your profitability and reputation.

Why Become ISO 14001 Certified?

There is an ever increasing focus on the environmental impacts of businesses and their products and services and ISO 14001 is one way in which to demonstrate your organization cares about how it conducts itself.

ISO 14001 provides a focus for your business on its environmental impacts and legal compliance, the management system aims to reduce the risk of environmental incidents and legal breaches.

There are more benefits that just legal compliance and reduction of environmental impacts:

  • Demonstrate to your customers and suppliers that you care about the environment
  • Create a business with environmental focus which may attract new talent to the business who want to work for ethical organisations
  • Stand out from your competitors and demonstrate that you do things differently as an organisation
  • Potentially identify cost savings through waste reduction and energy efficiencies
  • Improve the supply chain with a focus on their environmental impacts
  • Promote your business and products through environmental benefits

Why Choose FASTRACK for your ISO 14001 Certification?

FASTRACK not only provide an excellent service for ISO 14001 Management Systems but we also pride ourselves on being better than our competitors when it comes to our own environmental impact. We are of course UKAS Accredited and you can verify this by checking the IAS Website.

From its inception, FASTRACK has been focused on reducing its impact on the environment and have many initiatives in place which you can read on our Environmental Commitment Page. Some of our initiatives include planting a tree for every certificate that is issued and our office uses energy taken from our lakeside office.

We are also tracking our carbon footprint and will offset our impact, we aim to be the first carbon neutral Certification Body in the world.

Our auditors are also highly versed in environmental legislation, we have our own in house experts and use software to ensure that our legislation knowledge is continuously up to date so we can better advise our clients.

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